Game projects

Flash Arrow, Shurikenjutsu, Steampunk styled platform game, Ruling the Space

Flash Arrow - Bachelor project

Developed an Android and PC real time strategy game for my Bachelor exam. The Android game version uses augmented reality. I have made everything except audio. That includes models, textures, programming and visual effects. The game is made in Unity.

Game website for Flash Arrow:

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3D-Arena game. This is a large game projects made by nine students. Responsible for "Ninja2" the female ninja with a whip and a fan, also visible to the right. It is made from scratch in Maya and then textured and normal-mapped in Zbrush. All animation for this ninja was created by me.

Also responsible for the level editor/exporter in Maya, created with a C++ plugin for Maya. Then imported by the in game importer. 3D-sound with FMOD. Some of the particles like dust, leaves and fireflies. The website and the trailer are also created by me.

Below the text there is a tree and a portal that I made and further down there is some in game footage. The in game footage contains content that I have made but also from the other Technical Artist in our Group.

Check out the website for the game:

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Steampunk styled platform game

A small 3D game project with a group of five students. The player jumps around on platforms in a world that can be rotated and gather cogwheels. Responsible for platform graphics in Maya and Zbrush.


Ruling the Space

2D real time strategy game, created by three students. Responsible for most of the graphics and about 1/3 of the programming.

Check it out here (website is in Swedish):