A small selection of web projects

Euroquality, Shurikenjutsu, Britse, Intervacc

Euroquality 2009, New Design 2015

Made a new design for the website built with the help of Wordpress and plug-ins. Programming was done in PHP, HTML and CSS. Image editing software was used to edit the images. I also did the programming for the previous site that originally was not a Wordpress site.


Euroquality Web

Shurikenjutsu Website 2015

Used Wordpress as a CMS and made a custom theme with PHP, HTML5, CSS and Photoshop. The logo, parts of the game and the game trailer is also made by me.


Shurikenjutsu Web

Britse 2008, updated 2012

The website was created from scratch with help of PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS and different image editing software. It is made to be easy to update, even though it does not use a CMS system.


Shurikenjutsu Web

Intervacc 2009, updated 2010

This website was created with a custom theme for the CMS system Joomla using PHP, HTML, CSS and image editing software.


Shurikenjutsu Web