Blekinge Institute of Technology, Linnaeus University, University West, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Blekinge Institute of Technology

Basics in Game Development (UD1401)
Foundations in 3D-modelling and Sketch Techniques (UD1417)
Object-Oriented Game Programming for Techical Artist (DV1408)
Introduction to game programming in C++ (DV1484)
Interior and Exterior Spaces with Drawing Techniques (UD1404)
Plugin construction and script languages (UD1405)
Character Modelling with Anatomy (UD1422)
Digital Sculpting and ZBrush (UD1423)
3D Programming I (DV1468)
Advanced Animation (UD1425)
From graphics to games: construction of exporters and importers (UD1426)
Small game project for Technical Artist (UD1428)
3D Programming II (DV1469)
From graphics to game - construction of level editor (UD1414)
Special Effects (UD1429)
Large Game Project for Technical Artist (UD1415)
Bachelor's Thesis in Digital Game Development (UD1416)

Linnaeus University

Android for Java Programmers (2DV106)

University West

Sound and moving picture production (LRA100)
Basic 3D Graphic Animation (GAA100)

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Introduction to Computer Science (DD1340)
Introductory Course in Mathematics I (SF1611)
Communication in Engineering Sciences (DH1600)
Linear Algebra (SF1604)
Computer Organization and Components (IS1500)
Numerical Methods, Basic Course III (DN1241)
Human-Computer Interaction, Introductory Course (DH1620)
Programming Paradigms (DD1361)
Computer Security (DD2395)
Programme Integrating Course in Computer Science Engineering (DD1391)